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Rough terrain crane

Rough Terrain Crane can drive on rough surface with the 4WD・4WS system.
Compared to the percentage of total weight, it has compact engine.
Top speed is about 50 km/h due to self-regulation by the manufacturer.

Rough Terrain Crane 4.9ton

Model: RK70M-2 (Lynx100)
Year: 1995yr
km / hour: 84,000km / 9,000hour
Car Insp: 2023.04.09
Crane Insp: 2023.01.26

ID Number: RC2991

Rough Terrain Crane 35ton

Model: TR350M-3 (CREVO350)
Year: 1997yr
km / hour: 82,000km / 9,300hour
Car Insp: 2023.01.24
Crane Insp: 2023.01.26

ID Number: RC2949

Rough Terrain Crane 13ton

Maker: KATO
Model: KRM13H-2 (MR130R)
Year: 2009yr
km / hour: 102,000km / 16,400hour
Car Insp: 2023.09.17
Crane Insp: 2023.09.16

ID Number: RC2946-s

Rough Terrain Crane 13ton

Maker: KATO
Model: KRM13H-1 (MR130)
Year: 2006yr
km / hour: 168,500km / 21,400hour
Car Insp: 2024.04
Crane Insp: 2024.04

ID Number: RC2945-s

Rough Terrain Crane 35ton

Maker: KATO
Model: KRM35H-3 (MR350Ri)
Year: 2015yr
km / hour: 109,000km / 11,600hour
Car Insp: 2023.10.30
Crane Insp: 2023.11.10

ID Number: RC2642-t

Rough Terrain Crane 70ton

Maker: KATO
Model: KR70H-L (SL700R)
Year: 2011yr
km / hour: 66,160km / ----hour
Car Insp: 確認中(Confirming)
Crane Insp: 確認中(Confirming)

ID Number: RC2941-s

Rough Terrain Crane 4.9ton

Model: LT300-1 (Pitagoras)
Year: 1995yr
km / hour: 99,254km / 11,829hour
Car Insp: ----
Crane Insp: ----

ID Number: RC2936-t

Rough Terrain Crane 50ton

Maker: KATO
Model: KR50H-F
Year: 2016yr
km / hour: 21,000km / 7,000hour
Car Insp: 2022.11
Crane Insp: 2022.11

ID Number: RC2916-s

Rough Terrain Crane 25ton

Maker: KATO
Model: KR25H-V8 (SR250Ri)
Year: 2014yr
km / hour: 13,000km / 16,000hour
Car Insp: 2024.02
Crane Insp: 2024.02

ID Number: RC2917-s

Rough Terrain Crane 60ton

Model: GR600N-2 (CREVO700 G3)
Year: 2009yr
km / hour: 48,107km / 18,377hour
Car Insp: ----
Crane Insp: 2023.10.29

ID Number: RC2717-c

Rough Terrain Crane 25ton

Maker: KATO
Model: KR25H-V7 (SR250R)
Year: 2008yr
km / hour: 89,000km / 23,000hour
Car Insp: 2022.12.16
Crane Insp: 2022.12.21

ID Number: RC2907-s

Rough Terrain Crane 10ton

Maker: KATO
Model: KR10H-L2 (MR100LspV)
Year: 1998yr
km / hour: 123,000km / 33,800hour
Car Insp: 2022.12.07
Crane Insp: 2022.11.26

ID Number: RC2903-s

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