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Types of mobile crane

Mobile cranes are mainly divided into three types.

Wheel crane

Rough terrain crane

It can drive on rough surface with the 4WD・4WS system. The driver cabin contains the operation system of the crane. Rough terrain crane replaced the use of truck cranes in Japan.

Truck crane

The crane is assembled on top of the truck. There are two cabins for driving and for crane operation.

All terrain crane

Although the appearance is similar to truck crane, it usually has four axles (eight wheels). Since the chassis is large and stable, it is suitable for work in heights.

Crawler crane

It drives with crawler which usually made of iron. Since grand pressure can be reduced, it’s also suitable in the soft ground. It is widely used in the construction sites.


BestAuto.JP deals with other makers besides TADANO, KATO, KOBELCO.
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