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Rough Terrain Crane 25ton

Maker: KATO
Model: KR25H-V7 (SR250R)
Year: 2008yr
km / hour: 77,160km / 29,139hour
Car Insp: 2022.08.23
Crane Insp: 2022.08.20

ID Number: RC2779-s

Truck Crane 35ton

Model: ST350MT
Year: 1995yr
km / hour: 10,956km / 11,897hour
Car Insp: ----
Crane Insp: ----

ID Number: TC0345

Rough Terrain Crane 13ton

Maker: KATO
Model: KRM13H-1 (MR130)
Year: 2004yr
km / hour: 99,324km / 17,123hour
Car Insp: 2022.02.25
Crane Insp: 2022.02.19

ID Number: RC2768-t

Rough Terrain Crane 10ton

Maker: KATO
Model: KR10H-L2 (MR100LspV)
Year: 1999yr
km / hour: 132,452km / 19,543hour
Car Insp: 2021.11
Crane Insp: 2021.11.18

ID Number: RC2772-o

Rough Terrain Crane 4.9ton

Model: GR120N-2 (CREVO120 G3)
Year: 2010yr
km / hour: 111,163km / 17,167hour
Car Insp: 2022.02.21
Crane Insp: 2022.02.14

ID Number: RC2771-o

Rough Terrain Crane 4.9ton

Model: TR100M-1 (CREVO100)
Year: 1999yr
km / hour: 189,333km / 14,386hour
Car Insp: 2021.11.19
Crane Insp: 2021.12.08

ID Number: RC2767-t

Rough Terrain Crane 12ton

Model: GR120NL-1 (CREVO120)
Year: 2006yr
km / hour: 101,282km / 10,086hour
Car Insp: 2022.09.01
Crane Insp: 2022.09.03

ID Number: RC2769-s

Rough Terrain Crane 12ton

Model: GR120NL-2 (CREVO120 G3)
Year: 2008yr
km / hour: 136,545km / 20,580hour
Car Insp: 2022.12.22
Crane Insp: 2022.10.31

ID Number: RC2770-o

Truck Crane 4.9ton

Maker: KATO
Model: NK75M-V
Year: 1990yr
km / hour: 221,265km / hour
Car Insp: 2022.08.27
Crane Insp: 2022.08.22

ID Number: TC0353-t

Rough Terrain Crane 50ton

Maker: KATO
Model: KR50H-F (SL500Rf)
Year: 2019yr
km / hour: 2,166km / 1,459hour
Car Insp: ----
Crane Insp: ----

ID Number: RC2764-t

Other ---

Model: GD705A-4AE
Year: 1996yr
km / hour: 31,865km / 10,543hour

ID Number: OT-0143-s

Other ---

Model: MG500SE
Year: 1998yr
km / hour: 3,073km / 8,632hour

ID Number: OT0142-s

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