Best Auto purchases used construction machinery (especially Rough Terrain, Truck, Crawler cranes) and exports all over the world

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In the purchases and sales of over 300 units throughout the year, more than 80% of customers made a contract from the undisclosed list, the private list or the will-be in stock list.

We think the most important things for the contract rate, and the sale of used machinery that match customer needs, are "the amount of information-gathering" and "the timing".
In fact, we often hear the following voices from customers.

  • Before I knew it, the crane I was interested in has sold out.
  • I was looking for this kind of a rare vehicle, but it's gone!
  • I wish I could have found it earlier ...

Yes, you need to:
"get information as soon as possible"
"notify to Best Auto in advance of what you are looking for"

Many people are looking for used cranes with low mileage and hours in good condition, and rare type of cranes.
In most cases, they are hold before arrive.
In fact, we received many inquiries, and we may not be able to offer to all of our customers.

What are the advantages of
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  1. Information from the
    will-be in stock
  2. Information from the
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  3. Information from the
    lists of the fellow companies

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