Best Auto purchases used construction machinery (especially Rough Terrain, Truck, Crawler cranes) and exports all over the world


Used Crane, Commercial Vehicle and
Heavy Machine for Sales and Export!

BEST AUTO purchases used heavy machines especially Rough Terrain Cranes,
Truck Cranes and Crawler Cranes directly from users in Japan,
so we can sell/export to all over the world at a reasonable price.
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About BestAuto

BestAuto.Jp offers you with Japanese used cranes in “Best Price”, “Best Service”, “Best Quality”.
We promise you your satisfaction with purchasing our cranes. We would like to establish long-term business relationship with you.
Please feel free to contact us with any inquiries. We will assist you to find the best product in Japanese market with reasonable price.

  • Point 1. We offer high quality and good condition used cranes
  • Point 2. Our price is reasonable, Please check us !
  • Point 3. On demands supply for any inquiry

Manufacturer and model

Manufacturer and model

Rough Terrain Crane

MR series

KR-10H (MR-100) / KR-10H-S (MR100SP) / KR-10H-L / (MR-100LSP) / KR-10H-L2 (MR-100LSP-V) / KRM-13H (MR-130) /KRM-13H-2 (MR-130R) / KRM-13H-3 (MR-130Ri) / KRM-13H-F (MR-130Rf) / KRM-20H (MR-200Ri / KRM-20H-F (MR-200Rf) / KR-22H (MR-220) / KR-22H-2 (MR--220SP) / KRM-25H (MR-250) / KRM-25H-2 (MR-250R) / KRM-25H-F (MR-250Rf) / KRM-35H (MR-350SL) / KRM-35H-2 (MR350R) / KR-70H (MR700) / KRM35H-3 (MR-350Ri)

SR series

KR-20H-L (SR-200R) / KR-25H-V (SR-250) / KR-25H-V (SR-250Limited) / KR-25H-V2 (SR-250SP) / KR-25H-V3 (SR-250SP-V) / KR-25H-V5 (SR-250-VR) / KR-25H-V5 (SR-250-VR) / KR-25H-V7 (SR-250R) / KR-25H-V8 (SR-250Ri) / KR-25H-F (SR-250Rf)

SS series

KR-35H-V (SS-350) / KR-35H-V2 (SS-350SP-V) / KR-45H-VS (SS-500S) / KR-50 (SS-500VX) / KR-50H (SS-500SP) / KR-50H-V (SS-500SP-V)

SL series

KR-50H-F (SL-500Rf) / KR-50H-F (SL-500Rf2) / KR-50H-L (SL-600) / KR-50H-L2 (SL-600-2) / KR-70H-LM (SL-600R) / KR-65H (SL-650R) / KR-70H-L (SL-700R) / KR-75H (SL-800Ri) / KR-80H-F (SL-850Rf) / KR-80H-F (SL-800Rf2)

CREVO G4 series

GR-1000N (CREVO1000 G4) / GR-700N-2 (CREVO700 G4) / GR-600N-3 (CREVO 600 G4) / GR-250N-4 (CREVO250 G4) / GR-160N-4 (CREVO160 G4) / GR-130NL-2 (CREVO mini G4) / GR-130N-2 (CREVO mini G4)

CREVO G3a series

GR-700N-1 (CREVO700 G3a) / GR-500N-2 (CREVO500 G3a) / GR-250N-3 (CREVO250 G3a) / GR160N-3 (CREVO160 G3a) / GR-130NL-1 (CREVO mini G3a) / GR-130N-1 (CREVO mini G3a)

CREVO (G3) series

GR-600N-2 (CREVO700 G3) / GR-600N-1 (CREVO600 Extra) / GR-500N-1,TR-500M-3 (CREVO500)GR-350N-1,TR-350M-3 (CREVO350) / GR-300N-1 (CREVO300) / GR-250N-2 (CREVO250 G3) / GR-250N-1,TR-250M-6 (CREVO250) / TR-200M-5 (CREVO200) / GR-160N-2 (CREVO160 G3) / GR-160N-1,TR-160M-3 (CREVO160) / GR-120NL-2 (CREVO mini G3) / GR-120NL-1 (CREVO120) / TR-100ML-1 (CREVO100)

Pitagoras Gamma series

TR-250F-1 (Gamma500) / GR-130F-1 (Pitagoras) / GR-120F-2 (Pitagoras) / GR-120F-1 (Pitagoras)

Lynx series

RK70 / RK70-2 / RK100 / RK120-2 / RK120-3 / RK130 (Linx100) / RK130-1, RK130-2 (Linx130) / RK160-2 / RK160-3 / RK160-5 / RK160-6 / RK160-7 / RK160-8 (Linx160)

Panther series

RK250-3 / RK250-5 / RK250-6 / RK250-7 / RK250-8 / RK250-9 (Panther250) / RK350-1 / RK350-2 (Panther350) / RK450 (Panther450) / RK450-2 / RK500-1 / RK500-2 (Panther500) / RK700-2,RK700-3 (Panther700)

PantherX series

RK700-1 (PantherX 700) / RK250-7 / RK250-8 (PantherX 250)


RK120-1 (Mobile Tower 300TT)

Wing series

LW100 (Wing100) / LW250 (Wing250) / LW500 (Wing500

Pitagoras series

LT300-1 / LT300-2 (Pitagoras) / LT500 (Pitagoras)

Truck Crane

NK-70M-2 / NK-70M-3 / NK-70M-V-PJ / NK-75M-V (Super75R) / NK-200H-V2 / NK-250-V2 / NK-500B-V
TS-55M-1 / TS-70M-2 / TS-70M-3 / TS-75M / TS-80R / TL200M / TL200M / TL250M / TL250M / TL300M / TG350 / TG500
Inquiries by phone +81-3-6670-4470
Please let us know if you cannot find the crane or construction machine you want. Request to Search