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Rough Terrain Crane 50ton KATO KR50H-F (SL500Rf)

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ID Number: RC2783-s

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Type Rough Terrain Crane
Maker KATO
Model KR50H-F (SL500Rf)
Serial 01A05xx
Year 2019
Mileage 7,216km
Operating time 2,917hour
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Delivery place Kanto Yard

KATO KR50H-F (SL500Rf) 2019yr
- Serial No.  01A05xx
- H-Type outrigger / Power Tilt Jib
- Mileage  7,216km
- Operating hours  2,917hours
- SizeLWH 12.39 x 2.75 x 3.73m
- Weight 35,695kg
- Engine Daimler OM936LA 
- Max. lifting height (Boom / Jib) 41.1m/54.8m
- Boom length (Boom / Jib) 10.1m - 40.0m/9.4m - 13.7m
- No. of sections(Boom / Jib)  5/2

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