Best Auto purchases used construction machinery (especially Rough Terrain, Truck, Crawler cranes) and exports all over the world

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BestAuto.JP sell construction machinery, mainly mobile cranes.
Please choose suitable used cranes and construction machinery from the following category.
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TADANO LTD. manufactures mainly construction cranes, vehicle loading cranes and aerial platforms. TADANO has the top market share in Japan in the field of the loading cranes and large cranes. TADANO LTD. has long history in crane manufacture.


KATO WORKS CO.,LTD. is a manufacturer of construction machinery and a specially-equipped vehicles. KATO WORKS CO.,LTD. manufactures and sells mainly various type of cranes. They also deals with other construction machinery such as hydraulic shovel and earth drill, and specially-equipped vehicles such as snowplow and road sweeper.


KOBELCO CRANE CO.,LTD. is a maker of construction machinery belonging to the Kobe Steel Group. For the crawler cranes, about 50% share in domestic market and about 17% share in overseas market. KOBELCO CRANE CO.,LTD manufactures and sells various types of construction machinery such as hydraulic shovel and wheel loader.


Komatsu Ltd. is a manufacturer of construction machinery and heavy construction machinery. Komatsu Ltd. shares high percentage of construction machinery market worldwide. Unfortunately they withdrew from the crane industry few years ago.

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