Best Auto purchases used construction machinery (especially Rough Terrain, Truck, Crawler cranes) and exports all over the world

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Suzuwa Building 2F, 5-2-3, Asakusabashi
Taito-ku, Tokyo, 111-0053, JAPAN

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Company Greeting

Company Greeting

BestAuto started in October 2008 in Tokyo, Japan. At the beginning, our activities included purchasing used cars and used trucks from the end-users, administrator lawyers and receivers and selling those directly to the auctions and local traders.

Since then our business and the network have expanded all around Japan. Nowadays we are dealing not only in used cars, also in heavy construction machinery (especially, rough terrain crane, truck-mounted crane and crawler crane, etc.) We are now also exporting directly to overseas markets.

Purchasing used cars, trucks and heavy construction machinery directly from local end-users and selling them to overseas customers directly and speedily allow us to significantly reduce the costs such as intermediate tradersf margins and storage fees. Thus we can afford to sell to overseas customers in very competitive prices.

Moreover, we approach overseas customers via internet portal sites and receive direct inquiries. We also visit our overseas customers on a regular basis to check their needs and to study the local market trends.

BestAutofs vision is to serve our customers and contribute to the society by purchasing and selling used cars, used trucks and used heavy construction machineries in competitive prices, thus providing satisfaction to our customers. We will continue our challenge to achieve our mission.

BestAuto Co.,Ltd.

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