Best Auto purchases used construction machinery (especially Rough Terrain, Truck, Crawler cranes) and exports all over the world

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Used machinery Exporter License
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Free Assessment

it makes us possible to purchase machinery from
domestic users at high price.
"Assessment price is not high enough."
"The model of your machinery is old."
"Without the required documents."
Even in such cases please feel free to contact us.
Worldwide users are looking for and trust used Japanese construction machinery and cranes.


When assessing, you’ll be asked almost the same things. If you prepare in advance, you can save your time and effort.

What you need to prepare in advance.
1) Automobile inspection certificate, Crane inspection certificate, Inspection expire date.
2) Model, grade, spec, operation hours and mileage
3) Photos of your construction machinery or crane (In many cases, you’re asked to
send them by email.)


You need to tell any current problems, otherwise assessed price will be cheaper than the previous price.You also need to tell advantages to get the high assessment.

Case 1) You've recently exchanged the tires.
Case 2) Since the oil change and maintenance have done regularly, it has never broken
so far.
Case 3) The crane was kept in clean condition because of your frequent maintenance
and cleaning.


We recommend you not to decide a specific company because it's local or big or famous. It's better to ask assessment to multiple dealers.

We have confidence that our assessed price is higher than others.


By reducing middlemen margins and transportation cost, we achieve to purchase your crane at high price.

We are committed to quick procedure of free assessment, estimate and payment.

We will register the change of ownership with no charge and assist with export arrangement if necessary.

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