Rough Terrain Crane TADANO TR100ML-1 (CREVO100)

ID Number: RC2235
Type Rough Terrain Crane
Model TR100ML-1 (CREVO100)
Serial FC12xx
Year 1997
Mileage 202,659km
Operating time 20,729hour
Delivery place Chiba Yard

TADANO TR100ML-1 (CREVO100) 1997yr
- Serial No.  FC12xx
- X-Type outrigger / with Jib / 12ton / TADANO lever / with free fall mechanism
- Mileage  202,659km
- Operating hour 20,729hour
* Will be arrive in early August
Max lifting capacity  10ton
Gross vehicle weight  12,150kg
Dimensions  L7.29 x W2.00 x H2.80(m)
Engine  HINO W04D-T 
Max. lifting height   23.9m 
Boom/Jib length 23.2m/2.8m
No. of sections  6+1